Art Dolan
CG Captain

All our members are direct descendants of families who supported or fought in the American Revolution.
Our ancestors range from tavern keepers, to regulars who fought with regular or famous generals, or simply provided food to passing patriots.
We love talking about our family history and all the twists and turns we discover on our heritage journey.
Because our families were here during the American Revolution we like to say “Our History is the Nation’s History.”

Since George Rogers Clark Chapter is in the State Capitol, our Color Guard has posted colors in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
Other chapter members have provided educational presentations to surrounding schools and civic groups.
We march in parades and enjoy answering questions about our uniforms and our family ancestry.
You can march and participate even if you are not in the Color Guard, just show up in a blazer.
If you are a likeminded person, interested in your own family history, we have two suggestions for you.
If you are not a joiner and just want to know your family history, please visit
If you believe your family history goes back to the American Revolution and our organization piques your interest visit us by contacting our Registrar, Eric Olsen regarding how to join our chapter.
If you want to know more about the Sons of the American Revolution, please visit our national website at

We all enjoy new faces, stories and your ancestor’s history.
This is a legacy to be passed on to future generations.
If you like what you see here, JOIN US E-Mail Eric above or myself below.
We will be able to give you the time, location and topic of our next meeting. Perhaps we will see you soon.
Art Dolan, Chapter Color Guard Captain.